The future of photo booths is here. Rent yours today!

Birthdays, Weddings, Celebrations, Family Reunions, Parties, Installations, Corporate Events, Marketing. You can capture leads and run contests for marketing, upload photos and GIFs to custom branded galleries, text photos straight to guests' phones where they can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.



Branded touch points, including a customizable start screen, logo area and colors



Display a live feed of the photos being taken at your event



Any GIF or photo can be sent to a mobile device and posted directly to social media

It adds fun to formality - Though your event may already be a low-key and more casual, there is always need to break the ice with a large group of people who may not be familiar with one another. The instantaneous laughter and relaxation that photo booths create serves as the ultimate icebreaker and adds an element of fun that no other event activity can deliver.

A great gift for guests - Most photo booths offer traditional photo strips, which your guests get to take home with them. This can replace the line item in your wedding budget allotted to favors for guests, adding to the fun and letting them have a wonderful memento of the wedding.

Far more photos - Even if you have a highly skilled photographer who relies on the help of a second shooter, you are not going to get the same number of photos from them as you can when you add a photo booth to the mix.

It can add to your theme - Most event use at least a color theme or general concept (top hat formal, country casual, etc.). Whether you have a basic theme or an over the top theme (such as superheroes or a favorite film that inspired the colors, décor, and even garments), the photo booth can reinforce the theme. Props and backgrounds can be in total alignment with the theme and emphasize it in your photo albums (real world and online).

The photo booth was a highlight at our reception. People had such a great time using it. From the device you can email, text or upload the photo directly to your Social Network, we could also print them in case you wanted a keepsake for the fridge. Completely worth every dollar for the pure fact that photos will be how you relive the night and a photo booth is people in their silliest form.
— Autumn
This photo halo was at my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. Being “old school” I wasn’t sure what to expect. IT WAS SO FUN! Even our older friends participated and joined in. The composite pictures of the night were also a highlight at the brunch the next day when we could relive the fun once again. This is worth it for all the memories it preserves.
— Arlene
At the last minute we decided to add on the photobooth. Our guests raved about how much fun it was!!
— Lisa